Disposable Silver Chloride EEG electrodes

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Product Overview

Disposable Silver Chloride (AgCl) electrodes.

24,25, 10 electrodes per box depending on variant.

Vibrant colors, PVC wire

Affordable and reliable electrodes

TEC5263BN1020 -  Each package contains 24 electrodes. Color-coded for the BraiNet system. Template (cap)
not included. Single patient use only.

TEC52438 - 10mm slim cup, 39" (1.0m) wire length. 25/box

TEC52638 - 10mm slim cup, 59" (1.5m) wire length. 25/box

TEC52838 - 10mm slim cup, 79" (2.0m) wire length. 25/box

TEC53432 - 9mm deep cup, 39" (1.0m) wire length.  10/box

TEC53632 - 9mm deep cup, 59" (1.5m) wire length.  10/box

TEC53832 - 9mm deep cup, 79" (2.0m) wire length.  10/box

TEC53932 - 9mm deep cup, 98" (2.5m) wire length.  10/box



(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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