Detachable Monopolar Needles - Variants

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Images are for representation only. Needles lengths are not exactly as shown in the picture. Please see product description for details.

Product Overview

Detachable Monopolar Needles

Conical Tip,

25 Needles / Box

Pictured: Green Hub


  • 26 ga, 25 mm Needle, Yellow Hub OR
  • 26 ga, 37 mm Needle, Green Hub OR
  • 26 ga, 50 mm Needle, Blue Hub OR
  • 26 ga, 75 mm Needle, Violet Hub OR
  • 28 ga, 25 mm Needle, Red Hub OR
  • 28 ga, 37 mm Needle, Orange Hub

Feature & Benefits:

  • Cable Sold Separately
  • Single Patient Use Only
  • Clear and Reusable Signal
  • Tip Design Reduces Bleeding


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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