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$6.38 - $62.90
NM-016383, NM-016380, SE-222420-10, AC-500600
Images are for representation only. Needles lengths are not exactly as shown in the picture. Please see product description for details.

Product Overview

Rochester UltraPoint™ Monopolar EMG Needle

Conical Tip

1.5 mm DIN Connector

25 Needles / Box


  • 28 ga, 37 mm Needle, Single, Orange, 2.5 ft. (0.76 m / 30") Attached Lead Wire 
  • 29 ga, 37 mm Needle, Single, Red, 2.5 ft. (0.76 m / 30") Attached Lead Wire

Features & Benefits:

  • EO Sterilized. Single Patient Use Only.
  • Needle Wires Are Color-Coded by Gauge for Easy Identification
  • Attached 30" Leads - The Needle and Wire Are Completely Disposable
  • Sharp, Conical Needle Tip Provides Easy Insertion with Less Bleeding
  • New Molded Hub Provides Superior Grip and Ultimate Control

Disposable Adhesive Surface Electrodes 

Designed with an Ag/AgCl sensor and an extra thick and flexible conductive gel. The electrodes, for recording, stimulation and ground use, are highly flexible and can be repositioned on all types of skin. The electrode is designed for patient comfort and user friendliness with soft wires and an optimized connector for easy headbox insertion and extraction.

Hydrogel Solid
Lead-free Y
Latex-free Y
BPA-free  Y
DEHP < 0.1% by weight Y
REACH & RoHS compliant Y
Lead wire core Tin Plated Copper
Lead wire insulation PVC
Connector DIN 42802
Shelf life for unopened pouches 24 months

Single, Red/Blue/Green/Black, 1.0 m OR 2.0 m Lead Wires

4 Electrodes / Pkg, 10 Pkgs / Box

Single Patient Use Only


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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